Q.) What will my child need to play soccer?

A.) U6/5U (ages 4 and 5)                Ball Size- 3     Shin guards- required         Cleats- optional

      U8/7U (ages 6 and 7)                Ball Size- 3     Shin guards- required         Cleats- optional

     U10/9U (ages 8 and 9)               Ball Size- 4     Shin guards- required         Cleats- optional

     U12/11U (ages 10 and 11)          Ball Size- 4     Shin guards- required          Cleats- optional

     U15/14U (ages 12,13 and 14)     Ball Size- 5     Shin guards- required          Cleats- optional

* NO metal is allowed – cleats, jewelry, hair accessories, etc. *Shin guards must be covered with socks or pants.

Q.) When will we hear from our child’s coach?
A.) All parents will be contacted by their coach after draft night and before the day fields open. Since all coaches are volunteers, LOSA can not dictate when they must contact the players parents.

Q.) Do we need to be at draft night?
A.) Players and parents are not required to be at draft night unless the parent is planning on coaching. Only coaches, assistant coaches and team managers are required to attend draft night.

Q.) Fields have opened and I have not yet heard from my coach?
A.) If you have not heard from your coach, the best solution is to email LOSA @ losaadmin@gmail.com to find out if your child’s team does not have a coach and if you
can help by being the coach. (If this happens, your child’s team may not have a coach yet. LOSA seldom has enough volunteers to coach teams, so we have to take all teams that do not have coaches and start calling the parents on those teams to ask them to coach.)

Q.) When will my teams practices be and how many practices a week?
A.) Practice times are scheduled by the coaches. They determine when and how many practices the team will have per week and where they will be. All practices and most games are held at the Turner Soccer Park. The U12 & U15 divisions will do some light traveling for games to other local venues.

Q.) Can I request my child to be on a certain team?
A.) If you are a coach, assistant coach or team manager, you can request your child to be on a certain team only if your child needs to share rides with another child or if they are siblings. Otherwise, you are not allowed to request teams. This is how we prevent teams from becoming “stacked”. Remember, LOSA is a “recreational” league and not a “competitive” league. All teams are broken up evenly and every child get’s to play.

Q.) When will the schedule be posted?
A.) The schedule will be posted as soon as it is made. LOSA always tries to have the schedule posted at the latest of the Monday before games start. Sometimes, complications arise with having to find a few additional sponsors, or working with other leagues in different age groups.

Q.) What league/age group will my child be in?

A.) The Lake of the Ozark Soccer Association bases what league your child will be in on how old your child is on January 1st of the current year.

The leagues ages are: U6/ 5U (ages 4-5), U8/7U (ages 6-7), U10/9U (ages 8-9), U12/11U (ages 10-11) and U15/14U (ages 12-14)

Q.) I have used soccer shoes, shin guards, soccer balls, and/or socks. What can I do with them?

A.) LOSA will be happy to pass along your gently used soccer item(s) to a kid in need.

Q.) My child is in need of soccer gear and money is tight right now. Can LOSA help?

A.)LOSA is all about helping kids and making sure that soccer is a fun experience for them. We understand that everyone goes through tight times with money and we will do everything we can to help. Other people have donated gently used items and we are happy to hand out to other kids in need. Please contact us with your request.

If you have any other question, please contact us.