Please contact the person that best fits your question(s) or comment(s). 

*Please be aware that all members are volunteers and they will get to your questions or comments as soon as they can.

President, Treasurer and   – Justin Farrell   *Please send questions to the Secretary

Vice President – Shannon Boller  *Please send questions to the Secretary

Secretary – Angie Barns

Registrar  – Nichole Halsey

Head of Referee’s and Referee Development – Jim Killam

Referee Assignor – Jackie Arnold

Sponsors, PR and Volunteer Manager- Corinne Nielsen

League Commissioner and  – Greg Halsey

U6 Commissioner (ages 4-5)-Angie D.   *Please send questions to the Secretary

U8 Commissioner (ages 6-7) – Alex Christensen

U10 Commissioner (ages 8-9) – Kaylyne Halsey

U12 Commissioner (ages 10-11)-Chris Boyle

U15 Commissioner (ages 12-13)-Doug Ritchey     *Please send questions to the Secretary



Jim Killam and Justin Farrell


Lake of the Ozarks Soccer Association
PO Box 661, Linn Creek, MO 65052