LOSA fields are currently: OPEN



Lake of the Ozarks Soccer Association (LOSA) is a not-for-profit (501c) organization that provides a recreational soccer league. Kids age 4 to 14(on Jan. 1) can play in the fall & spring league. Sign-ups for fall soccer begin in mid-July and games typically begin the Saturday after labor Day. Sign-ups for spring soccer begin around the beginning of February and the games typically begin around the first day of Spring.  Practices are chosen by the coaches and all games are played on Saturdays. Registration is $50.00 per child and a max of $150.00 per family. Registration fees can vary each year based on the number of projected players versus projected expenses to fund the program. The fees included an average of 10 games per season, a team shirt, pictures and a metal for playing in the season. LOSA tries to keep the fees as minimal as possible. All board members are volunteers and all the money is spent on the soccer program.

This site is updated periodically throughout the year with announcements including a summer camp registration, fall & spring recreation league registration, referee training and other LOSA related messages. During the fall & spring recreation season this site serves as the primary way to communicate with players, parents and coaches for registration information, game schedule announcements or schedule changes during the season and should be checked frequently for such announcements.

Thank you for your interest in LOSA and we look forward to seeing you and your children around the park!

Why should I contribute?

Providing over 1,000 children with a fun filled, memorable soccer experience requires dedication and commitment. LOSA is always looking for eager volunteers that wish to apply their knowledge and skills on behalf of the community.  You don’t have to know anything about soccer to volunteer, we have plenty of volunteers that will help you learn throughout the season.  Remember, it’s all about the children, and we need all the help we can get to give them what they deserve.

LOSA needs your help! 

 PARK RULES for Players, Parents & Visitors:

 1. When coming to the Turner Soccer Fields please remember that LOSA’s soccer fields lay alongside many residential families homes & businesses. When going in and out of the soccer fields, please remember to watch for children at play, obey the speed limit, stop at all stop signs and ONLY drop players off in the parking lots; DO NOT let them run thru the neighbors lawns and driveways. LOSA and the Community

2. Pets on the Turner Soccer Fields- All pets are to be restrained and picked up after. If the animal is causing an issue, then the LOSA members and/or referees have the right to get the animal removes.

3. Violence or misconduct on the Turner Soccer Fields- If the LOSA members and/or referees see or hear that someone being physically or verbally violent, then that person(s) will be asked to leave or have the authorities called.

Thank You for Your Consideration!